How our donors are changing the world

Our generous donors have provided scholarships to deserving students, enhanced world-changing research and helped to educate our leaders of tomorrow.

Read the personal stories of how the kindness of 澳大利亚新太阳城 donors has impacted others.

Changing the world - one student at a time

‘There just weren’t the facilities to help a student like me excel at school or apply to university,“记得泰勒, a law and business undergraduate from the South Coast of New South Wales. ‘Most people didn’t understand ...


"I now have bigger goals for my life."

当杨欣, a student from rural China put up his hand to join a new robotics club at his school, he never imagined that it would change his life trajectory and secure him a place at 澳大利亚新太阳城. But thanks to a generous donor, he was awarded ...



Half a century-long marriage, a full life and an active retirement were disrupted when Rob Parsonage developed MND in 2019. After a working life running a slew of successful businesses, Rob Parsonage immersed himself in an active retirement kayaking, 戈因...


Maintaining his identity - Bryton Johnson

“You’re not 戈因g to go to university tomorrow.” They were the words that turned Bryton Johnson’s world upside down. “I was in the city and had just finished my interview for the scholarship when I was told the university was...


奖学金 help Katelyn achieve her dreams

Katelyn Mills is a Gamilaraay woman studying a Master of 研究 in Education. She is from Moree, NSW, and lives in Sydney. She is First in Family having graduated from 澳大利亚新太阳城 in 2020 with a Bachelor of Education, 主修生物学和Ch...