It’s our mission at Macquarie to prepare you for the future – whatever it may look like for you. Experts predict that about 50 per cent of jobs, as we know them today, won’t exist by 2025. That’s why it’s vital you have a skill set when you graduate that allows you to reinvent yourself in any industry.

So we’ll encourage and support you to develop your practical know-how alongside your technical skills, grab opportunities to experience new things here in Australia and across the globe, 尽可能多地获得实践经验, 与我们的行业和社区合作伙伴建立网络.


It’s our goal to ensure you’re prepared for the 动态 workplaces of today and tomorrow. It’s just one of the many reasons why Macquarie is ranked nine in Australia for overall graduate employability. 帮助你实现你的目标, wE链接你与工具, connections and experiences that put you in the best possible position to secure the job of your dreams.

首先,我们与工业界合作设计了许多学位. This means they’re shaped by the latest industry trends and adjusted to respond to the real-time needs of industry. 我们还在所有的学位中积累了实践经验, so when you graduate you’ll have the knowledge and skills you’ll need to meet the current and future challenges of your chosen profession.



Macquarie is ranked among the top one per cent of universities in the world, and we’re recognised for producing graduates who are among the most sought-after professionals in the world. 见证了我们的创新和探索精神, 我们有3门学科在全球排名top50, 有7所大学进入了top100名.

美国很多最好的大学, UK, 欧洲和亚洲选择新太阳城, 阿斯利康(AstraZeneca)等全球组织也是如此, 约翰逊 & 约翰逊、Optus、现代和索尼. Such partnerships are evidence of our reputation as a university that produces research, 学习和教学创新, 是世界级的.


Macquarie is uniquely located in the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech precinct, 距悉尼CBD仅15公里. Such a location enables you to connect with future employers in some of the country’s leading organisations while you’re studying.

Macquarie is also home to some of Australia’s most exceptional facilities, including the Macquarie University Hospital; a multi-award-winning incubator for budding entrepreneurs; a cybersecurity hub; a multi-million-dollar media hub; cutting-edge science, 计算, engineering and medical labs; and a world-class sport and aquatic centre. 我们的校园已经投资了超过10亿美元, 这意味着你可以在一个世界级的环境中学习, 动态, 可持续发展,为合作而建.



新太阳城每年都会颁发数百万美元的奖学金. Most of our scholarships have a strong emphasis on social inclusion and are awarded on the basis of financial need or other hardship.

Other scholarships recognise leadership or voluntary experiences, or sporting achievement.

We also offer scholarships that enhance the university experience of high-achieving students by fostering personal and professional development.



The best way to truly immerse yourself in global issues is to experience them first-hand. Our Student Exchange program* is one of the best – we make it a priority to support your globe‑trekking ambitions by providing access to support funds and resources, as well as to program coordinators who will help you with every step of your overseas journey.

Our program also allows you to gain academic credit along with desirable job-ready skills before you graduate – employers look favourably on overseas experiences. 这取决于你去哪里, you may study in the language of your chosen country or take classes taught in English. And you can choose to study for just a couple of weeks (short-term program) or for one session.

* Our Student Exchange program will be available once international borders have reopened.



Employers consistently tell us they want graduate employees who are job ready. This means having not only the technical capabilities required of the job, 但也有一些技能意味着你可以快速上手. 有经验的技能,如团队合作, 倡议, 创造力, 敏捷性, 解决问题, 时间管理和职业礼仪.

Macquarie provides you with the opportunity to acquire such experienced-based skills through two award-winning programs: 专业及社区参与, which facilitates practical experiences that are fully integrated into your degree; and the 全球领导力项目, 哪些会帮助你发展跨文化和领导技能, 探索全球问题,推动创新.





We’ve always challenged conventions and opened our doors to students no matter who they are or where they come from. We embrace all points of view and encourage our students to question the norm, 勇敢,为不平凡而奋斗.

从雄心勃勃的高中毕业生到非学校申请者, 面向高技能研究生和富有冒险精神的国际学生, 新太阳城欢迎所有人.


Experience a truly unique learning environment that includes 研究 Abroad Programs, 专业和社区参与以及我们的全球领导力项目.



在世界级设施中茁壮成长, exceptional interdisciplinary research and teaching as well as flexible study options



美丽的绿色校园, students from around the world…all nourishing their minds in one of the world’s greatest cities.



Discover your full potential at the first university in Sydney to open its doors to non-traditional students.


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